Chris Hagge

Chris Hagge

Marketing Consultant

“Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words.” — Bill Watterson

Input, Context, Adaptability, Ideation, Connectedness

Some people say I’m a little goofy. My boys say I’m weird. Others just roll their eyes. I’m fine with that. Life is incredibly dull if everyone’s in the same staid state.

I grew up in a small town in southern Minnesota, went to a small university in a small Iowa city, met my wife who hails from a big city in Missouri. I ended up in a small, old suburb of Minneapolis (with an honest-to-goodness downtown), worked for a big company and then created content for an even bigger company’s multi-billion-dollar retail website. But, now I’ve found true work happiness at Blue Door Consulting, a friendly little agency that thinks really frickin’ big.

I am constantly seeking knowledge, soaking up little bits of information. It makes me a pretty decent partner for trivia. But the two hemispheres of my brain are constantly engaged in a logic verses creativity cage match for dominance. I’m a writer by heart and by trade, but I’ve also worked in educational testing and do my own taxes. Working at Blue Door Consulting allows every fold of my brain a chance to dance the polka.

My desire is to create phenomenal customer experiences, whether it’s writing bias-free questions that accurately measure students’ knowledge or helping craft easy-to-navigate websites. I research and ask questions to discover exactly what people want and need, not what I think they want and need, then devise the best ways to communicate the proper messages.

When I’m not working or writing, you’ll find me mentoring boys as a Cub Scout Cubmaster or Little League baseball coach, or I’ll be out hiking, camping, geocaching or taking road trips to new places. As much as my left brain wants to plan and be completely organized, I’d rather follow the devilish angel of my right and roll with whatever inspires me.

Pet Peeve

Apostrophe abuse. They’re for contractions and possessives, not plurals.

Favorite Movie

Fargo. You betcha.

Favorite Song

“Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles. Some days are great. Some are downright sh*tty. But as lousy as things may be at the moment, know that the storm shall pass.

Favorite Adult Beverage

Amaretto sour in warmer months; a rich, creamy, chocolatey coffee stout in others.

Foodie Or Not

Absolutely. And I’m willing to try just about anything that’s not still blinking at me.

Who I Would Like To Have Dinner With (Live, Dead Or Fictional)

Marcel Marceau. I just want to hear a mime laugh out loud.

Three Adjectives

Adventurous, inquisitive and knowledgeable

What's The Next Big Thing

Great-great-grandson of Godzilla