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QVC gone wild

out of the blue March 26, 2008

Jaimy SzymanskiIf you’re like the majority of the U.S. population, when you hear the letters ‘QVC’ or the phrase ‘Home Shopping Network,’ you visualize a pretty clear picture of two ladies in their late fifties selling the latest and greatest in sequined holiday sweaters. Or even worse, creepy Marie Osmond dolls.

Tempting, I know.

That’s why I was quite surprised and intrigued when I came across a unique attempt to reach at-home consumers in the ever-changing 18-35 target market. recently launched its new endeavor to catapult the brand into the lives of its viewers: Webisodes that embody the Honeyshed spirit while simultaneously pushing the sell.

The result: short skit-like streaming videos that immerse the consumer in the culture of brand users.

Want a pair of men’s slippers? Be prepared to have them presented to you by a guy who is forced to wear them all day while under ‘house arrest.’ Ladies seeking an all-over body bronzer? Know that a humorous ‘tanned promiscuous caller’ skit will accompany the closing of the sell.

Honeyshed’s attempt at revamping the home shopping market is admirable and will likely be successful. It indeed serves as inspiration for us and other marketers and advertisers out there who wish to tap into a market that seems cashed, and are looking for a way to attract consumers who seemingly have seen it all.