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out of the blue Brenda Haines April 17, 2008

Brenda HainesI couldn’t help but think of a scene from Jerry Maguire today — where Jerry (Tom Cruise) explains to Mr.-SHOW-ME-THE-MONEY (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) that he needs to bring the passion he shows his family to his football game.

Y’know, create some brand consistency. On and off the field.

What made me think of that? Driving by a restaurant with a fading, peeling, rough-looking exterior, I noticed a sign on the side of the building that read:


And, all I could think about was Cuba Gooding, Jr. taking Tom Cruise’s advice and bringing some love to the game. (If you haven’t seen the movie in awhile: His character makes a big play, gets knocked out, wakes up and celebrates by doing back tucks in the end zone. And, of course, the crowd goes wild.)

The point? If actions speak louder than words, so too does curb appeal.