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May 8, 2008

Weird … or Genius?

Jaimy SzymanskiSo on my run yesterday I came across an odd sighting.

No, it wasn’t local construction workers fixing hundreds of devastating potholes around the Oshkosh streets. I said odd, not miraculous.

What I did see was this: someone had scrawled the word “RIBS” into the sidewalk concrete when it had been wet, leaving an eternal monument to forever leave pedestrians, like myself, feeling quite perplexed.

The question then becomes … why?

Was this message simply a muffled cry for barbecue goodness from a local neighborhood kid? Or, rather (with my marketing wheels turning, of course), was it a highly clever guerilla advertising technique, over 10 years in the making?

Let’s assume it’s the former. Otherwise, I’ve got some serious long-term planning to do for my clients.