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Go Big, Or Go Home

out of the blue May 19, 2008

Heidi Strand | Social MediaFinally – a well-known company takes a chance and actually uses online social marketing to its full potential, rather than just talking about it.

This spring, H&R Block launched a new entirely online social campaign, using the likes of MySpace, Twitter, Second Life, YouTube and Facebook as its vehicles for success.

Although not exactly what one would expect from the likes of tax accountants, this wildly fruitful endeavor has really paid off. Literally – the company only invested 0.5% of its total marketing budget into the effort (no, that’s not a typo) and witnessed, “a return of a 171% lift in internet ad awareness among the targeted audiences and an overall brand awareness lift of 52%,” according to Amy Worley, director of digital marketing for H&R Block.

Although I may not recommend for every company to invest marketing dollars in all the social networking big hitters at once, it’s pretty amazing to see how a correctly timed and accurately focused campaign can score big when following a few key vehicle-driven survival tips.

So, kudos to H&R Block for serving as a role model for other organizations wishing to invest in social media, but not quite sure of its figurative and monetary ROI. Its willingness to dive head first into a largely unknown territory is definitely inspiration for others to get their feet wet, at the very least.