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The Littlest Blogger

Brenda Haines | Social MediaYou know you’re Gen Y when you blog through labor.

(Not work labor. Giving birth labor.)

Yesterday, our friends Dave and Erin did just that, before Alice Elizabeth was born. It’s worth checking out. (If you’re squeamish — no worries. It’s not truly a play-by-play.) Something tells me we’ve just met the world’s littlest blogger!

Far-away family and friends could follow the news — and parents won’t have to re-tell the labor story 350 times. (Unless they want to…) Welcome, Alice. And, congrats Dave and Erin!

Of course, this experience reminds me again how omnipresent blogs have become. Our friend Jim just blogged his way up Mount Everest. Our friends Robin and Patty blogged through their 8 month hike across the country. In both cases, the check-ins let family and friends follow their progress and rest more easily.

The good news: You don’t have to be climbing a mountain or having a baby to make your blog work. You just need to have a story to tell. So, what’s yours?


out of the blue Brenda Haines June 4, 2008

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