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What’s in a name?

out of the blue September 3, 2008

Jaimy Szymanski | Customer Experience DesignPlenty, when it comes to customer service.

When recently editing the website of an organization I volunteer for, I encountered a permissions issue in changing the text of a certain page. As the website is hosted and supported by a company that tailors its templating to member-oriented organizations only, I assumed that the built-in admin help feature would be a stepping stone for finding my solution.

And, it was. That’s not the issue though.

Even after e-mailing back and forth with a customer service rep throughout the period of a few days, I was never given the name of who was e-mailing me.

Weird; especially because of the supporter-in-question’s laid back, conversational nature in the e-mails.

I maybe could’ve understood the no-name notion in customer service if the responses were automated. But, they weren’t, so what’s the deal?

He/She never addressed me by my name either, which was even a bit weirder. In the end, I may have been left with my problem solved, but yet was feeling dissatisfied in the nature of my connection with the customer service rep.

I guess that just goes to show you that personalization and relationship-building are still important, even in such a technologically savvy, mass-media world.

P.S. This experience reminded me a bit of a recent post by marketing guru Seth Godin on his blog – check it out here.