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Experiential Cheer

out of the blue November 25, 2008

Jaimy Szymanski | Customer Experience DesignIt’s always nice when a company follows through on its brand experience, even when you least expect it.

A couple weeks ago, Starbucks brought back its holiday cups. Sounds like something small … and, it is. But, I had forgotten about them already from the previous year, and when I was given my coffee (grande, 2 Splendas, dash of cream, of course) in the new cup, I smiled a little.

I didn’t smile because of the coffee (albeit it is phenom).

I smiled because I was reminded of a part of Starbucks’ brand experience – a part that was all but forgotten in the year’s previous seasons. Its holiday cups are as much a part of Starbucks as its atmosphere, service and fresh brews.

Every little touch point makes a difference to customers, and all contribute to a total brand experience. And, now, you can bet I’ll be at the Starbucks drive-thru window more often this season than any other.