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December 22, 2008

Holiday Gift Kudos

Brenda Haines | Customer Experience DesignOnline ordering is fast and easy, the selection is awesome and you can do it long after regular business hours have ended.

That’s all some people need.

But, there is another audience. The other audience likes to build relationships with vendors… so they know someone will take care of them if something goes wrong.

How do you build that relationship? Think like an offline vendor.

Here’s an example:
On Friday, Printrunner, an online print vendor surprised our office with UPS-delivery of a delightful holiday card and box of chocolates. The card included a photo of their team and a personal, handwritten note to us.

This is very common in the offline world. But, among online B2B vendors, the gift stood out for its thoughtfulness and humanizing effect.

This company is still convenient and able to process orders in the middle of the night. But, now it feels a little bit like we know them, too. That’s a good step toward meeting the needs of very different audiences.