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January 6, 2009

Buzz (Words) Off

Jaimy Szymanski | Public RelationsA friend of mine recently told me a story about an old college friend of his that he was re-acquainted with at a 10-year reunion.

The woman showed up at the casual, weekend, mid-day reunion in a suit. She seemed hurried. She looked pre-occupied.

But, none of these things are what set my friend off into an irritated state.

It was her unstoppable use of industry buzz words.

Apparently, shortly out of college she had landed a gig as a media communication specialist. Or something to that extent. And, every time she talked about her career, she became utterly confusing and came off smug (at the very least).

To this day, he still remembers her as such. And, it was all due to buzz-word overkill. Talk about your career, share your passion and excite others with your will to succeed and occupational determination. Just don’t over-do it with trendy industry talk – you could end up doing more harm than good.