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January 19, 2009

Sunday is the New Monday

Brenda Haines | Market ResearchAs I sit at the keyboard on this Sunday night, I’m reminded of something I read in the November 2008 MailerMailer report eMail Marketing Metrics.

According to the report, more and more people are now checking email on Sunday nights, in preparation for the week ahead. Other important nuggets:

Shorter e-mail subject lines (less than 35 characters) produce higher open rates

Personalized messages yield higher click rates, but lower open rates. (Best results come with personalized body copy without a personalized subject line.)

Industries with the highest open rates: Banking/Finance, Religious/Spiritual, Government, Telecommunications, Transporation/Travel

Industries with the highest click rates: Religious/Spiritual, Real Estate, Banking/Finance, Transportation/Travel and Retail

If you’re interested, the full report is called eMail Marketing Metrics.