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Blogs Make Leap to Footnotes

out of the blue January 22, 2009

I had an interesting thought today when compiling various resources for a new white paper…

Jaimy Szymanski | Social MediaWhen formatting the footnotes, I noticed that a handful of them were from blog posts. This made me think back to the “olden days” of junior high and high school when blogs would have been all but accepted as a reliable research resource (today’s apparently the day for alliterations).

Now, millions of blogs exist, many of which are written by industry thought-leaders, C-suite execs and reputable professionals. Blogs have transformed into an acceptable source – as long as the blogger is one to be trusted.

So, what medium will be the next blog, set for a permanent placement in works cited lists across the globe, universally accepted as a reliable source of credible information?

*Wince* Please don’t say Wikipedia.