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February 5, 2009

To Follow and Be Followed

Heidi Strand | Social MediaI’m still in my Twitter infancy with not yet even 100 followers, but I have already been faced with the question of who to follow or not to follow…

My answer: I will follow everyone for the time being.

In fact, besides marketing and social media thought leaders, I’m following a lizard, a painter, NASA and a guy who likes turtles.

Why? Because they chose to follow me and I believe the point of Twitter is 2-way conversation – even with people whose Tweets include “It’s eight degrees where I am today.”

Not everybody feels the same. And, truly … that’s fine. Or is it????

CNN’s Anderson Cooper – the man with the perfect hair, even when the planet is in peril – is only following 7 (not 70, not 700, not 7,000) people.

I realize he’s busy. I realize he could be bombarded with Tweets every second from his AC360 fan club, but I still can’t shake the feeling that I’m being snowballed.

AC (Anderson Cooper for short) is a stellar Tweeter. I’m enjoying his viewpoint and his perfect hair throughout the day. But, why should it be all about him pushing news out, but not taking it in through Twitter?

I feel that to have the right to Tweet, you must be Tweeted to. It’s a community designed to engage in conversation – or so I think.

Granted, on the flip side, 30,000 followers seems a bit much, as I have yet to comprehend how those individuals keep up with the thousands of Tweets they receive daily. But, in my opinion, they’ve earned the right to Tweet, so I’ll “listen” to what they have to say – even if it’s with only half an ear.

AC – I’ll continue to follow you and cut you some slack as you have a lot on your plate. But, maybe you’ll see fit to follow me at some point, too.