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A Big Thank You And Case Study To Follow

out of the blue Heidi Strand June 5, 2009

The application deadline has closed for our Associate Marketing Position and I wanted to say thanks to all those who helped spread the word …

Heidi Strand
It’s been an interesting exercise in online recruitment. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, we decided to only post the job description on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. For those of you that have been following and have asked questions about the success of that venture, I can tell you … it has been successful and I would certainly recommend the strategy to anyone looking to hire social media-savvy marketers.

I will be posting a complete “case study” once we have successfully hired someone. We are just entering the resume review phase and will be contacting applicants next week for first-round interviews. I’m anticipating two to three weeks yet before the end of this project.

However … to keep you waiting on baited breath for those results, I thought I’d drop a few mouthwatering statistics!

  1. Our Website’s job description page received more than 450 unique views.
  2. The average time spent on that page was over 4 minutes.
  3. LinkedIn was the highest referrer at 383 unique views, then Facebook and Twitter – which were nearly tied in unique views.

That’s all I’m willing to share for the moment!