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Social Networking in the Operating Room

out of the blue July 9, 2009

In this post: Megan explores the surprising uses of Twitter …

Megan WuskeTwitter never ceases to amaze and surprise me. Reporters recently did a story about doctors that tweet while surgical procedures are being performed on their patients. Twitter is only one of the many aspects that the medical arena is utilizing to make health care more interactive.

An ABC news article reported that “more that 100 hospitals have some kind of Twitter account and 82 hospitals have Facebook pages.”

Doctors are hoping the information and updates they provide via Twitter are informational and helpful to other people that are considering surgical procedures and medical students that are eager to learn. Improving their communication with patients and alleviating any fears patients may have are also things that have been motivating doctors to jump on the social networking wagon.

So far, this new revolution in health care has been well received with both patients and doctors. The Mayo Clinic in Minnesota has even held a “tweet camp” for doctors, nurses, and staff. This “tweet camp” educates personnel on the uses of social networking and the many ways that doctors are utilizing Twitter. Most hospitals are having someone on staff devoted to social networking 24/7. (Wouldn’t that be a fun job?)

Possibilities for social networking seem endless. What do you think will be next?