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Twitter Contests: #BDCBoobyPrize Insights, Results

out of the blue July 9, 2009

In this post: Now that it’s all said and done, Jaimy recaps the Blue Door Consulting #BDCBoobyPrize Twitter contest…

Jaimy SyzmanskiRemember last month when Blue Door decided to give all the #squarespace underdogs a fighting chance at a fabulous, second-place prize to not winning a boring-old iPhone? (Roll with me here, people.) Well, that contest has run its course, and it’s now time to share its ups and downs.

Now, let me tell you how floored I was at the impact of this contest on the Twittersphere. I could barely keep up with all the daily entries! In fact, I think it might be safe to say that the #BDCBoobyPrize contest surpassed the #squarespace contest in sheer volume of tweets! In fact (or fiction), I’m pretty sure our contest was even responsible for a few Fail Whales.

It’s obvious I’m kidding. You especially know this if you entered (thank you!) and won – over another one person – who likely won the next day.

Although #BDCBoobyPrize didn’t have the impact that a #moonfruit might, it’s obvious why: Our prize sucked in comparison. There, I said it. Yes, it was fun, creative and useful, but it was no 3Gs iPhone. It wasn’t a MacBook Pro. Hell, we don’t even use Mac computers around here (I know – blasphemy!).

Having our hashtag mentioned in the Twitter stream wasn’t our goal though. After realizing how little of a chance our networks had at winning a large, global contest, we wanted to give our followers a chance at a win a Twitter contest with great odds. We did that, and we’re happy about it.

Ultimately, we were also pleasantly surprised at the impact the contest made on our blog traffic. Here’s a quick breakdown of the contest’s stats, to give you some insight:

Contest run date: June 11 – June 26, 2009 (We stopped tweeting it after the 26th, and only tweeted it on weekdays. In total, the contest ran only 12 days.)

Total views of blog post explaining the contest: 137 (109 unique). Of those views –

  • 42 were referred from Twitter
  • 27 were referred from Blue Door’s Facebook page
  • 5 were referred from LinkedIn
  • 18% navigated to another blog post after viewing the contest post (Wahoo!)

Total winners: 9 – Three of which submitted photos after! …


Total #BDCBoobyPrize tweet entries: 30+ (This number is an estimate, as I can no longer find entries past about a week using Twitter search methods)

TwitPic views of the #BDCBoobyPrize goods: 146

So, as you can see, for a Twitter promotion that only ran about two weeks, it made a pretty decent impact on our blog traffic. It’s great to see that 18% of those who viewed the contest post proceeded to navigate to another blog post (and, sometimes, another after that!). Not to mention, the #BDCBoobyPrize contest also allowed us to further connect with our current Twitter friends, as well as a few new ones.

Although there were only nine winners total, more than 100 unique visitors viewed the contest. Translation? Our prize wasn’t alluring enough to take the time to tweet it, or people weren’t interested in entering a contest via tweet. Understandable, as it was simply promotional gear – No hard feelings.

To sum it all up, I will say this: Unless you’re a national entity (or have a really awesome prize), it can be difficult and time-consuming to drum up enough excitement around your promotion on Twitter. If you talk about it too much, you’re spamming. Not enough, and you’ll have no one enter.

Finding that happy medium within an organization’s promotional efforts – enough to make others want to talk about it – is where a company has to land. Once the conversation spreads, word-of-mouth will exponentially grow, and you won’t have to worry about self-promotion for the contest. This is pretty similar to any other marketing endeavor: Let your audience tell the story and share the enthusiasm. It will always be more genuine than anything you could personally come up with.

Thanks again for all who entered, sent in photos or tweeted about the contest. We very much appreciate your support, and ultimately giving us some Twitter contest insight to share with our readers.

P.S. Since we had only nine winners during our 12-day contest, that means there were THREE prizes left un-gifted! Here’s your last chance, your reward for reading to the end of this post: The first three to write a comment or give feedback will win a #BDCBoobyPrize. Ready-. Go!