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Friend Request… Accepted?

In this post, Megan discusses the common theme of social media within advertising…

Megan WuskeAs if we haven’t heard enough about social media already, it has now left the confines of the Internet and saturated the latest television and print ads as well.

On a recent trip through Union Station in Chicago, I noticed some print ads for Dentyne gum. The ads, which were tastefully and simply done, show two friends embracing with the words “friend request accepted” displayed. This ad was a nice change from the awkward gum ads and commercials that have been more popular as of late. The Stride gum commercial that involves goats charging at a man still confuses me every time I see it.

The fresh perspective on social media that Dentyne showcases with a real person equivalent situation is clever and sweet. Dentyne is trying to put face to face communication and interaction back into the mix with Facebook, emails, and texting. Their mission is to advocate spending less time online and more time actually connecting with others – physically, not just via Facebook or other online social media outlets. The images and messages are actually heart-warming and inspiring. I actually believe I may buy Dentyne next time gum is on my shopping list. But, will I ever give up Facebook or Twitter? Hmm… think again.

What’s your take on Dentyne’s latest advertisting campaign? Check out the entire Dentyne print ad campaign, and let me know what you think.


out of the blue October 13, 2009

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