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We’re All Rock Stars

out of the blue May 12, 2010

In this post: Jaimy wonders, what inspires you? …

Jaimy SzymanskiInspiration can strike randomly. Like a ridiculously athletic bear that jumps out from behind a tree when you’re camping and delivers a roundhouse kick to the face.

For me, it hit during a concert last weekend. (Inspiration, not a black-belt grizzly. Everyone knows bears hate concerts.)

The headlining band was full of an amazing, contagious energy. Staring up at the musicians, their vocalist engrossed in a melody and band members equally pouring passion into their instruments, I thought:

Why isn’t everyone this passionate about their career?

The performers were determined to deliver a talked-about fan experience. Throughout the entire set list, their enthusiasm could not be contained. They were dedicated to making a memory and a mark on the world with their craft.

Is your passion as obvious to your customers and clients? Is it unquestionable, the amount of joy you take in striking gold with a new idea, formulating killer concepts and reaching final success? I’ll admit it myself first; sometimes, when caught up in a hectic workload, it’s not always easy to take a breath and let passion shine through.

The bottom though, is this:

It’s time to find your inspiration and start kicking ass.

Just think of our industries’ potential if fueled by a mutual passion and zealous love for our work. Not doing things we just ‘like’ (Facebook has killed that word forever, for me). Not what we do just to get paid. Creating things we love, we need, we are fulfilled by.

Whether it’s a rock concert, a stirring blog post (like Julien Smith’s here) or wearing what I refer to as ‘my thinking fedora,’ uncover what makes you work harder, reach higher and want more.

Making Frank Sinatra roll over in his grave,
one writing session at a time.

Infuse boldness, possibility and gumption into every facet of your job. That is, if it’s what you truly want to do. If it’s not, then I think you and I both know the next move.

So, what inspires you? I mean, other than a beautifully executed karate move delivered by an usually amiable bear who’s just having a bad day and only wants to be left alone to reflect and write in his journal until you came waltzing through talking with your friend about whether or not Iron Man 2 would live up to its predecessor.

I’d love to hear what part of your job makes you want to push harder, dig deeper and tweak ’til perfection. Then, maybe we can all glean a little inspiration from each other and really turn up the volume.