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May 15, 2010

Lost and trying to find my way

In this post, Jen (Blue Door Consulting’s new Office Manager/Bookkeeper) begins her journey …

The world of marketing and social media is very foreign to me…now don’t let that worry you…my specific responsibilities and position are not (office management)! I have begun a journey to wander through the many facets of this wonderful industry. I’m not positive on where to begin and am excited as to the discoveries I will come across.

Jen SorensenIt’s a beautiful thing how ever-changing the world is. Each and every day I work on bettering myself, whether it be on a professional, social or spiritual level; and as my life changes and goes through it’s own metamorphosis, I stay focused and aim towards the attainment of my continuing goal.
And now my path has led me to Blue Door Consulting; and with this comes my desire to learn. I am beginning with social media…what a term…we all hear it…do you understand it? I know I kind of do; but I really want to grasp it completely. I have learned what an amazing tool it brings to individuals, organizations, families and friends.
So, like many things I want to learn about…I “Googled it”. Reading through a few links the wonderful web had to offer, I ran across this one …which I thought did a great job providing a simplistic, uncluttered explanation, for us newbies.
My next step…engross myself further into some specific tools, Facebook® and Twitter® to be exact; and to continue my learning experience by utilizing the wealth of knowledge that the team of Blue Door Consulting has to offer as well as my “Google It”s.