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The Smart Phone Hold Out

out of the blue Heidi Strand August 18, 2010

Many of you have expressed concern regarding my sanity; some of you even indignation over my actions. And, for those of you who have no idea what travesty I am referring to, let me clarify. I don’t own a smart phone …

I’m a self-proclaimHeidi Stranded “techie,” but I have been reluctant to toss aside my four-year old Motorola V710 for fear that I will be even more reachable than the 24/7 I already am!

OK, there’s more to it than that. I have a visceral reaction to throwing away anything that still works. And, (believe it or not) this T-Rex of a phone does – even if I have to occasionally hunt down a battery from E-bay.

No, I don’t text on it – it’s nearly impossible. And, I certainly don’t send pictures through it – the camera quality is poor. So, why you ask do I hold on to this antique?

I suppose outside of the fact that it still works, I am hard on my phones. I throw them in my purse, along with my keys and frequently drop them on the nice, hard cement. Despite this abuse, my $40 wonder has been like the Energizer Bunny … it just keeps going and going.

However, I realize that my time is running out. I’ve been cornered too many times on this issue and the looks I am receiving when I open my flip phone are starting to become ridiculous. It’s sort of like working for BMW, but driving a 1999 Hyundai. People are questioning my sanity.

It’s this reason that I’m confessing my sins. I need some guidance from those that have converted to the church of Smart Phone. What should I get? Android, BlackBerry or iPhone or some other hand-held, life-altering gizmo?

The list of choices is long and intimidating, which has fed my “hold out” attitude. But no more. I’ve been shown the way and will likely cave – maybe even before the end of the year.

So, any thoughts, opinions or teasing? All are welcome!