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October 6, 2010

From Blog to Book

What’s the best way to display your blog on your coffee table? …

Ann PadleyBack when I lived Italy, I wasn’t privy to the world of blogging. Instead, I would compose lengthy email updates to send to my friends and family on a weekly basis. I never realized at the time, but these emails became my story, the journal of my time spent abroad. My journal, so carefully written, was emailed from an account that has since been closed.

My electronic story was lost in the abyss of cyberspace.

Today we – businesses, organizations, foodies, moms – the list goes on and on – use blogs to chronicle the world around us. But there is more to a blog than the most recent ‘homepage posts.’ There is a story, a part of our legacy. Personally, I think it’s time more of us capture that story offline.

Taking your story offline keeps it alive for the long haul. Remember my story lost in cyberspace? Thankfully, I have a friend who was one step ahead of me and kept every email I had written and assembled them into a scrapbook to house my story. Priceless.

Businesses and bloggers alike can turn their blogged business insights and personal experiences into lasting memories with online blog-to-book tools. The tools make it easy to take your blog from cyberspace to coffee table in no time. Here are a couple ideas of what you could do with your blog book:

  • Have your ‘blog book’ available in the waiting room for your customers to read, in place of the typical magazines.
  • Build a ‘blog book’ each year. When you look back, you’ll see how your business has grown.
  • Create a ‘blog book’ to keep in your business archives. (Historians 100 years from now will thank you).
  • Put blogs on a single topic into a book and distribute it as a sales tool. It’ll provide a deeper look at a service you provide than the typical sales brochure.
  • Give your employees and blog contributors a personalized company ‘blog book’ for the holidays.
  • Check out the tool I used to return the favor and turn my friend’s blog into a book at