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December 23, 2010

Champagne, Confetti and Promises

In this post: Jaimy looks forward to the New Year with a few resolutions on deck…

Jaimy Szymanski | Public RelationsIt’s that time of year again, people: Time for New Year’s resolutions.

Usually, around the end of December, I’ll think of one grandiose item to accomplish in the New Year. Then, like most people, I work on it for a month then drop it in lieu of spending more time on Facebook, or forget about it all together amidst a post-NYE champagne haze.

I’ve decided to do something different this year. Rather than default to the usual, ‘I’ll lose 50 pounds in hopes of becoming a star in Black Swan 2: Break a Leg,’ I thought to take the time to brainstorm things that are actually attainable-both personally and professionally.

So, in no particular order, here goes. Perhaps if I share these with all of you, I’ll feel more compelled to keep to my plans. What a novel idea!

1: Just go for it.
Perfection is great, until it takes away from the actual ‘doing.’
Act more quickly on the big ideas.

2: Concentrate on relationships.
Spend more time with loved ones, because time just goes by too fast.
Reach out one person per day that I haven’t connected with in awhile.
Have meaningful conversations.

3: Draft a five-year plan.
Figure out where I’m headed and how I plan to get there.
Make sure to spend plenty of time traveling, truly disconnected from the online world.

4: Worry less.
Only concern myself with the things I can change.
Breathe and let go more.
Chronicle things I do each day that make me happy, proud and excited.

5: Help others.
Become involved with a nonprofit organization that truly inspires me with its mission and what it accomplishes.

6: Be better to my body.
Treat my body better incrementally.
Sleep more, exercise regularly and eat healthier.

7: Concentrate on development.
Pick one topic that truly interests me, and dedicate 15 minutes each day to learning more about it.
Find a hobby I enjoy and devote time to it each week.

8: Be scared.
Do things that make me uncomfortable.
The most rewarding things are usually frightening at first.

9: Get a few things together.
Create a budget, and stick to it.
Be more organized, spending at least 30 minutes a day cleaning.
Redecorate my apartment, one room at a time.