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Tweetups are for NERDS.

out of the blue February 21, 2011

In this post: Jaimy shares info about the upcoming “Oshtweetup,” including why you should attend such a fine event. …

Jaimy Szymanski | Social MediaWhy would you ever attend a tweetup? They’re probably filled with a bunch of fidgeting geeks on their smart phones, tweeting away while awkwardly sipping Zima. (They’re NERDS. Of course they can find Zima).

Sounds super lame.

Although, yes, interwebs “nerds” could find you a case of Zima faster than you can open your aunt’s latest LOLcats e-mail forward, let me share this little fact with you naysayers: Tweetups are actually really fun. Really. I’m being super serial here.

They’re an awesome place to:

  • Meet new people (either entirely new or ones you’ve only “met” online)
  • Find out interesting things about those you already know (I’ve learned more about some friends at tweetups than anywhere else)
  • Connect your online Twitter network to your offline world (who wouldn’t want to build their network even more?)
  • Eat, drink and laugh (No additional explanation needed)
  • And, most importantly, relax in a comfortable environment with a lot of people who are also willing to reach out, let their guard down and expand their circle of friends.

So, if you’re in the Oshkosh, Appleton or other surrounding Fox Valley area, consider moseying on over to Gardina’s Wine Bar and Café on Saturday, Feb. 26, anytime from 6:30 to 9:30. It’s going to be a tweetup of epic February proportions, and everyone knows those are the best kind of proportions.

To RSVP for this month’s Oshtweetup using your Twitter handle, and for more info on the event (including directions!), visit the official twtvite.

Hope to see both old and new faces there. Well, not old old. I meant ‘old’ as in people I know, not necessarily OLD. – Wait, what are you talking about? Your Mrs. Doubtfire wrinkles make you look distinguished! Okay, this is getting me nowhere. – See you Saturday, tweeps. ๐Ÿ˜€