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The Future of the Social Web

out of the blue March 15, 2011

In this post: Jaimy delves into a few up-and-coming social websites and mobile applications, as outlined by Robert Scoble at Social Tech 2010. –

Jaimy Szymanski | Social MediaWay back when, in October 2010 (I’m a rapper, what can I say?), I attended a little conference in San Jose, Calif., known by Twitter folk as #mptech, and to others in the online world as Social Tech 2010, presented by Marketing Profs. The conference was targeted at marketing, advertising, technology, public relations and social media professionals looking to learn more about how to weave social media practices into B2B environments, as opposed to the usual B2C examples often shared within our industries.

Overall, the one-day conference was decent. I gleaned great information from about half of the presentations, while the others – well, not so much. Of those presentations that I did find interesting and useful was one from longtime tech researcher and innovator Robert Scoble (@scobleizer on Twitter). His presentation, titled ‘The Future of the Social Web,’ concentrated on eight up-and-coming social sites that he believes will change the way consumers and businesses interact with online and mobile technologies.

I’ve outlined each website/application below. Take a look, and let me know your favorites. Since the conference, now almost six months ago, I’ve already begun to see a few of these really grow in popularity. But, some-some of which I think have the most potential to wow us all and really shape the future of social media-have yet to be fully tapped.

  1. Gist – Aggregate multiple social accounts into one handy interface.
  2. – Build your own online ‘newspaper’ based on social updates.
  3. Listorious – Search Twitter lists by topic to find trusted industry sources.
  4. Cinch – Record and share audio in a ‘micro podcasting’ fashion.
  5. Spigit – Rated internal crowd-sourcing by influence and innovation. (One of my favorites!)
  6. SocialCast – Create an internal, private collaboration network.
  7. Siri – Use this mobile application that harnesses other APIs to negotiate and perform tasks. (Another personal fave! I can’t wait for this to build momentum – and, be offered on Droid platforms.)
  8. ShopKick – A location-based social network that rewards shoppers for walking through the door of their favorite retail locations.

Oh, and one more tidbit of advice from Scoble for those entrepreneurs who are trying to get their latest-and-greatest idea into the hands of the public (and, actually used): ‘Get into Google search results. Once you’re found via search, you’re in.’

Simple enough, right?