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The Importance of Being You.

out of the blue January 23, 2012
In this post, Matt Vanderlinden talks about why it’s important for brands to be themselves…
There is no one in the entire world who’s more you than you. Obvious? Perhaps, but it’s certainly worth taking a second to explore. Especially when it’s put in the context of marketing a brand or a company. Organizations, after all, are just groups of people. And they’ll exhibit the same behaviors as the individuals who make them up. Bottom line, each organization is unique. It has its own history and its own personality. So why do so many companies try to look and sound like someone else?

Matt Vanderlinden

I’m going on the record to say that companies need to be themselves. Talk in your own unique voice. Be you.
I’ve seen it time and time again over the course of my work life. Companies focus on features, specs, and price. That’s not to say that those things don’t matter to consumers. They certainly do. But what matters more is whether your customers connect with your brand. Whether they believe your brand is authentic. If they do, they’ll trust you, which leads to the only bastion of brand loyalty that’s left in today’s competitive landscape.
If your only advantage is price, your days are numbered.
Don’t believe me? Does anyone remember New Coke? You know, when Coke® decided it wanted to be Pepsi® for a while? That certainly went over well. If that’s not sufficient, let’s talk about Netflix® and that whole Qwikster® fiasco. Both are examples of brands forgetting who they are, and in so doing, losing a lot of their core customers. Why? Because they weren’t acting like the brands their customers knew and loved anymore. They weren’t authentic, and they lost their customers’ trust.
The good news is that consumers are extremely savvy. If your brand is the real deal, it’ll stand out from the posers pretty quickly. You just have to make sure that your marketing matches your brand’s behavior. Walk the walk, and be you.
No one else can.