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A cool tool for ethnographic research

out of the blue Ann Padley November 21, 2012

Ann Padley | Experience MattersI’m always interested when new things come across my radar, especially if they help organize data gathered in the field.  The Notability app has treated me well but I’ve known there was more out there for me. Thanks to a Facebook â„¢ post from Service Design Network, I’ve been exploring a beta app called myServiceFellow and can’t wait for the opportunity to give it a try (according to the website it is launching in spring 2013).

myServiceFellow iPhone AppmyServiceFellow is a ‘mobile ethnography application for smartphones’ that allows users to track key points of interaction with a service, organization or event. Imagine having play by play feedback from your attendees or customers complete with photos, video or notes that let you know just how they are feeling.

Here’s are two examples of the app put to the test:

Masters students Mark and Aaron used the app to better understand the peer-to-peer car sharing experience in Sweden as part of their thesis project. Participants could sign up online to self-document their experience. In addition to the features mentioned above, the app stamps each touchpoint entered with a date, time and geo-location, perfect for knowing just where each experience took place.  The user feedback certainly helped create this great borrower customer journey map.

The man behind myServiceFellow, Marc Stickdorn, used the tool to map the visitor experience at the sports event EURO2012 in Poznan, Poland. Not only did he map the visitor journey, but he came away with some feedback about using mobile ethnography at events. Check out his presentation here.