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December 3, 2012

eBook: Morning Buzz – Advice from AM Oshkosh

Leah Van Rooy: Experience MattersEarlier this year, Blue Door Consulting hosted AM Oshkosh, a networking events put on by the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce. The turnout was great! We had a full house and great conversations – in the restored fire station we call ‘home’ during the workweek.

Mixed in with the conversations and networking, we took the opportunity to tap the minds of all the savvy business professionals that attended. We asked everyone to write down one piece of business advice they would like to share with the world. And what did we do with this wealth of wisdom?

We created an eBook for everyone to enjoy!

eBook: Morning Buzz

Here are just a few pearls of wisdom from those who attended:

‘Live each day like you are working at your dream job.’
-Mindie Boynton, UW-Oshkosh

‘Listen to what your customers are asking for. REALLY listen.’
-Jennifer Dixon, U.S. Cellular

‘Don’t put off ’til tomorrow what can be accomplished today.’
-Chad Collett, WOW Logistics

The Morning Buzz: Advice from AM Oshkosh is filled with insights and great tips for businesses. All in all it was a memorable event and a great way to crowd source ideas!