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January 7, 2013

Content Marketing 2.0

Content marketing is about making and disseminating content, or information, by engaging and interacting with a specific target audience in an effort to drive action. Essentially, it’s what – and how – you communicate your brand. 

But content marketing is changing.

These days, good content – be it audio, video or words – is SoLoMo:

  • Social: Think along the lines of social media platforms like Facebook®, Twitter®, LinkedIn® and Pinterest® where people are able to connect and communicate with one another instantaneously.
  • Local: Finding local merchants via location-based technology makes it easier for users to locate businesses and share their experiences at those places while they’re there.
  • Mobile: More than 50 percent of people in the United States have a mobile device, so optimizing your Web presence for their mobile weapon of choice is critical to keeping visitors happy.

Each of these elements appeals to Web users in a big way because each makes for a more user-friendly feel. Not only do they help users share what’s happening, but they help others feel as though they’re able to experience it in a small way, too.

More and more people are accessing the information via social platforms on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. In fact, 71 percent of people reach for that mobile device to search a company or brand after experiencing a captivating ad campaign for it and they’re using social media to do it. Content on social media tends to be concise, interactive and highly visual. But that’s not even the best part. 

The best part is that a number of acquaintances, colleagues, friends and family are likely using social media and able to chime in with their thoughts and opinions. Nine out of ten people trust reviews by one of their peers over a review by a business or salesperson making the ‘social’ piece an extremely important component of content marketing moving forward.

Examples of SoLoMo marketing abound: Yelp®, FourSquare® and Groupon® all of which are accessible on mobile devices via apps, use location-based technology, and encourage social interaction.

So next time you’re perusing the Web or trolling your favorite website, take a moment to think about the content: What kind of content do you love? What kind of content do you engage with most often? It’s probably something that excites you, like the idea of interacting with people you know and sharing where you are and what you’re doing-probably with pictures and videos.

Now think about the kind of content your business or place of work has on its website: Is it SoLoMo friendly? Is it compelling and engaging stuff? Because if it doesn’t intrigue you, it probably doesn’t intrigue the end user, either.

Every visit that doesn’t inspire is a lost opportunity, so provide links to your social media pages, stream what others are saying and give visitors the chance to directly connect with you as well as other customers like themselves.

Welcome to Content Marketing 2.0-it’s a share and be shared world out there, friends.