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November 28, 2013

Prepare your website for the holiday rush with TURKEY

With Thanksgiving this week, you may be having thoughts of family, relaxation and turkey, but for online retailers, the thought of their websites performing poorly on Black Friday or Cyber Monday is likely causing stress.

If you are like many online retailers, you are probably running holiday sales to gain new customers and sell old inventory. But can your website handle this bump in traffic? Here are a few things you can do to prepare and promote for a successful few days of sales!

TEST Your Website

The best way to know if your website is ready for business, especially with an increase in user traffic, is by testing it. Gather a testing group to simulate common transactions and assess usability concerns.. Load testing the site for increased traffic is also a good idea. 

UPGRADE Your Website

Upgrading your website may appear costly, but the payoff will come from happy customers. If your website shuts down during transactions or performance decreases due to traffic, sales will probably be worse than if you hadn’t spent that money to upgrade. Hosting on a scalable cloud solution is a common way to address a surge in website traffic.

REVIEW Your Changes

After any changes are made to the usability of your site or the technology behind it, you should always retest. Verifying the site changes one more time will ensure that the upgrades you’ve made are working as intended.

KEEP Customers Engaged

Consider promotional codes or gift cards for purchasing these holidays. They are a great way to encourage repeat customers.   

EMAIL Customers

Let your customers know about your upcoming sales! This gives them time to prepare and check your products before the actual purchase period. This might give you a bit more traffic and allow you to monitor how the increase is affecting your website. 


If you’re planning on relaxing after all this work and having a nice Thanksgiving Day feast, why not throw some Yams into the mix. Here are some great recipes that should put your mind at ease and focus on enjoying the holiday with those around you.