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December 23, 2013

Where’d that ad come from?

Ann Timms l Blue Door Consulting

Where did that ad come from l Blue Door ConsultingIf you’re like many of us, scrambling to get ready for the holidays, you’ve likely been doing a lot of online shopping. I know I have. And I’m also highly aware that ads for that pair of Nine West® riding boots I was looking at as a Christmas present to myself (Sookie in black, size 6 in case Santa is reading), keeps following me around on the Web. Slightly creepy? Possibly. Ironic? I think not. It’s called ad retargeting and it’s not only intentional, but effective too.

So, what exactly is ad retargeting? Put simply, it’s a form of online advertising used by retailers to keep you thinking about a product or service you were shopping for long after you leave the site you were searching on. How does it work? Basically, it’s a cookie-based technology that tracks your website searches. That data is then used to serve you ads based on your shopping history. It’s effective because it allows advertisers to focus their ad spend on those who have already shown an interest in their product or service. 

Here are some interesting stats on just how effective ad retargeting can be:



  • A recent survey conducted by Marketing Landâ„¢ and Survey Monkey® found that 75 percent of respondents notice retargeted ads.
  • Close to nine percent say they visit a retailers website as a result of a retargeted ad. 
  • More than seven percent respond to a special offer seen in a retargeted ad.

Compare these stats to the average click-through rate of your typical banner or online display ad (0.1%) and they seem pretty darn good. In fact, the likelihood of summiting Mount Everest or completing NAVY SEAL training is better than the likelihood that you will click on a banner ad. So you decide. Will retargeted ads be a part of your 2014 marketing strategy?