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March 7, 2014

Print in 2014

Ann Timms l Blue Door ConsultingSome of you may have read my 2013 blog post entitled, Making the Case for Print Advertising. In this post, I examine whether or not print is still relevant in today’s digital world. My conclusion was yes, it still is. Print, when used in conjunction with other marketing channels, can be an effective way to drive sales and increase brand recognition. Here’s why:

  • The Association of Business Information’s Value of B2B report found that 96 percent of B2B information seekers rely on print sources for industry-related content. 
  • An analysis performed by Nielsen for magazine publisher Meredith Corp found that the return on investment (ROI) from magazine ads was well above that for digital (ranging from three to 36 percent). 
  • According to a Simmons multi-media engagement study, magazines continue to score significantly higher than TV and online when it comes to ad attention and receptivity.

Print in 2014 l Blue Door ConsultingIf print is part of your 2014 plan, here are three techniques to getting more bang for your buck.

  1. Personalize: According to research clearinghouse, Print in the Mix, the higher the level of personalization on your marketing communications, the higher the return on investment (ROI). Using customization methods, such as variable printing have been attributed to response rates as high as six percent and conversion rates of more than 16 percent.

  2. Drive social media traffic: Consumer research authority Nielsen found that over half of advertisers use offline advertising (such as print) in conjunction with social media. Directing people to your social media sites by including icons on your printed materials is a great way to gain more followers, likes, retweets, etc.

  3. Print isn’t just for paper: Marketing resource MarketingProfs reminds us that print advertising doesn’t only occur on paper. Think of print in terms of promotional products, too-apparel, pens, key chains, glassware and more all make for effective, printed marketing collateral. And, they double as gifts-a win, win!

Remember, even in today’s digital world, much of what we see and do revolves around print. Those who have cast it off leave opportunities to those who have not. Do you have a print success story you’re willing to share?