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January 7, 2019

Meet Jen

Get to know Jen, the marketing consultant who helps you achieve your goals and build your brand

Jen Fietz is the marketing consultant who helps you discover—and then accomplish—every one of your goals, whether its brand building or creating the perfect marketing piece.

“I’ve been told by others I have a keen ability to see the start, the finish and everything in between, a skill I use to its fullest here at Blue Door Consulting,” she says. “I love the discovery and research phase with customers because our questions that we ask help us get at the real root of what they’re trying to accomplish.”

With one of her primary strengths being Activator, she loves growing that root, turning goals into plans and putting plans into brand-building action. “One of my favorite things is putting together creating road maps for clients where they see, ‘We can get there!’”

When she’s not working as a marketing consultant, she’s enjoying music and cinema of the 70s—from songs by the Doobie Brothers to the movie, “Grease”—to spending time with her husband and sons.

Learn more about Jen and her love of finding ideal solutions for customer challenges by watching her video and visiting her bio page.