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Resources and Tools

Our marketing toolbox

Our team members rely on a variety of online marketing tools to stay current and assist in developing our clients’ projects. By sharing our toolbox of marketing resources and marketing tools, we hope to inspire you to learn with us and to show you the high level of importance we place on continuous improvement.

Our marketing toolbox

The toolbox

Our consultants frequently utilize:

  • Browserstack – to test and troubleshoot websites. It allows the tester to choose the operating system, browser and browser version.
  • Cision® – to build media lists, distribute press releases, manage PR campaigns, monitor news coverage and analyze results of a media campaign. We also disseminate and distribute press releases through Business WireSM.
  • Google Analytics SM and Google Webmaster Tools™ – to track website traffic and data about website visitors. These tools also identify potential issues with a website.
  • Hightail SM or® – to send large files to clients, printers and other vendors.
  • Moz SM – to track website search rankings, Web page visits and social shares. It alerts us to website issues that may affect a Web page’s search ranking.
  • The Noun Project provides us with a host of icons for our service design needs.
  • And of course … sticky notes and permanent markers for facilitation sessions and customer journey mapping.

Our graphic designers have several favorites:

  • The Adobe® Creative Suite, the standard in graphic design software.
  • Digital magazines produced in Adobe® Publishing Solution.
  • A variety of stock font and photo sites to help make your project professional and visually appealing.

Our programmers also use a variety of tools to build, manage and share their projects:

  • Android™ mobile apps are built in Android Studio and Apple iOS mobile apps in Xcode®.
  • HockeyApp helps distribute mobile apps to a group of users for testing.
  • Navicat® helps our programmers build, update, query and manage the databases that run many of our website projects.
  • PhpStorm®, an integrated development environment, allows programmers to efficiently manage code for web projects.
  • A variety of platforms to host the websites we build and manage.

When conducting usability testing, we look to:

  • User Testing and What Users Do to observe and analyze user behavior online.
  • The JustinMind® prototyping tool which shows our clients a rendition of how a website or mobile app may look or function.

Marketing resources

Our minds are the tools we use every day to strategize and plan your project. To stay sharp, every team member is expected to spend time weekly reading industry blogs and enewsletters or listening to webinars and podcasts. Attendance at regional and national conferences is also a must. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Brand and design

Our Graphic designers get color and design inspiration from:

  • Abduzeedo (it has great tutorials, too!)
  • Colourlovers
  • HOW Design
  • Pinterest

Digital design inspiration comes from:

  • Awwwards
  • speckyboy
  • UX Booth

Content Marketing

Our content marketers need to stay up-to-date on the latest content and SEO trends and best practices to help drive traffic to your website. Team favorites:

  • Brick Marketing
  • Content Marketing Institute
  • Search Engine Journal
  • Search Engine Land

Design Thinking

As our design thinkers conduct facilitations, map journeys and processes and create personas, they look to professional development that teaches us about human behavior. Among the best:

  • Articles on behavioral economics
  • National Public Radio’s Hidden Brain podcast
  • Resources from the Service Design Network

Web and Digital

Our Web and digital team talents range from Web development to usability testing to social media marketing and everything in between. Our team says they look to these resources for knowledge and inspiration:

  • Mari Smith, the Queen of Facebook
  • Ray Wenderlich, tutorials for Web developers
  • Smashing Magazine for professional Web developers
  • Social Media Examiner
  • Social Media Today
  • StackOverflow to share questions and answers with other programmers