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Bill Smith

Digital Marketing Consultant

Bill Smith Portrait

Belief, Input, Learner, Arranger, Significance

The year is 2000.

We’ve come out of Y2K unscathed. I remember sitting in a micro-computing class in high school thinking, “Boy, I’d sure like to be a computer guy when I grow up!” I hadn’t realized it yet, but one super dedicated teacher and a couple of HTML classes later, I began my professional career.

I’d spend the next 20 years trying to learn and put into practice just about anything digital I could find a lesson on or mentor to help me with. I’d say the biggest win of my career was having the opportunity to play direct roles for websites in building, maintaining, promoting, optimizing, streamlining and then optimizing again.

I’m most excited about using the successes, failures and lessons I’ve learned throughout my career to provide clients with digital solutions that get real results. I love exploring the unique challenges presented by different industry and business needs. We learn something new every day, right?

When I’m not working, I’m usually spending time with my wife, Lauren, and our two daughters, Finley and Maddyn. I also really enjoy working with my wife on making her ideas come to life for her ecommerce business. When I’m not focused on digital, I enjoy fishing, hunting and anything outdoors. But have a deep passion for video games at the same time. One of my personal goals is to volunteer time to organizations that would benefit from my unique skills.

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“Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.” — Henry David Thoreau
Favorite Board or Video Game

Rocket League

Favorite Website Functionality

This week? REALLY well programmed chat bots.

Favorite School Subject

Math, all of it.

Favorite Beer/Cocktail/Adult Beverage

Barrel Aged Stouts

Occupation in Another Life


Favorite Movie

A Beautiful Mind

If I Could Live in Another Time or Decade

The 90’s

Three Adjectives Describing Me

Attentive, Humorous, Outdoorsy