Brian Mayer

Brian Mayer

Web Project Manager

"Start with why." — Simon Sinek

Ideation, Strategic, Maximizer, Learner, Individualization

I love solving problems.

Whether it’s remodeling my house, arranging vocals in a band, updating internal processes or working with a team of designers and developers, you’ll find me ferreting out problems and finding the best fix. I get especially excited when I am able to identify a simple, elegant solution to a complex client problem.

I bring a wide range of experience to Blue Door Consulting, including creative direction and video production in the outdoor sports industry, website development for non-profits and small manufacturers, and eCommerce and enterprise-level WordPress project management for Fortune 100 clients. Fun fact: I managed the team that built what is (to my knowledge) the largest active implementation of WooCommerce, an ecommerce plug-in that interfaces with WordPress. Another fun fact: some folks around here call me “Bam.” If we work together, you’re free to do so as well. Did I mention that I love fun facts? Almost as much as I love solving problems.

In my spare time, I like to sing with the music teams at my church and hang at home with my wife, four kids and two dogs.

Favorite TV or Movie Character

Hannibal Smith

All-Time Best Song

Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey

Favorite Beer/Cocktail/Adult Beverage

A good sweet Bourbon like Knob Creek or Angel’s Envy

Favorite Design Element

White Space. It’s effective and underrated.

Favorite Website Functionality

1-click purchase.

Favorite School Subject


Pet Peeve

Missing tools. Thanks, kids.

The Next Big Thing

Crypto-everything (aka blockchain technology)