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Charles Menifee Portrait

Charles Menifee

Senior Marketing Consultant


Learner, Analytical, Focus, Achiever, Competition

More About Charles

I am passionate about analysis, strategy and engaging people. As a student at Auburn University, studying philosophy and mathematics, I learned I have an affinity for understanding foundational structures behind how things work. Company values and philosophy are also important to me. Throughout my career, I’ve looked for correlations and structures that can help businesses achieve their goals, by understanding what the data is saying.

Across financial services and other industries, I have experience helping clients with risk mitigation and improving cash conversion cycles. I have driven initiatives and strategies forward. I have also served in competitive intelligence management, revenue management and marketing director roles.

I live in Georgia with my loving wife. I have two intelligent sons and, despite my professional ambition, my personal values come first. Asides from spending time with my family, I love running, cycling and gaming.

"Whenever there’s a drought, get your umbrellas out, because that’s when I brainstorm." — Jay-Z
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