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Emily Reise

Emily Reise

“When you rest, you rust.” — Oscar de la Renta

Positivity, WOO, Futuristic, Strategic, Significant

Living a boring life is not an option for me. While others may be afraid about falling if they jump, I’m afraid about not getting the opportunity to fly. So, bring on new people, new places, new things – there’s no ‘zone’ to my comfort zone!

I’ve studied abroad in Belize and Ireland, held a tarantula (even though spiders are my biggest fear) and read my written poetry in a local pub. Now, this love of adventure has brought me to Blue Door Consulting where I hope to continue to learn and grow as a PR/Marketing professional.

I grew up in Tomah, WI, a town most people just drive through, known for its cranberries and tractor pulls. When I graduated high school, I took the first opportunity to move across the state and attend school at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. I started off undecided, then majored in marketing, then changed to environmental studies, and finally realized that PR was a perfect fit.

Since this realization, I have had three internships in the field, as a marketing assistant at Door County Adventure Center, as a civic engagement project assistant at University Studies Program and as a sustainability writer and reporter at University Marketing Communications. That work, and the work I’m doing now with Blue Door Consulting is fast-paced and requires much adaptability. It never gets boring! It’s strengthening my marketing muscle writing content, creating collateral materials, implementing social media campaigns, and building relationships with clients and coworkers.

PR has set my soul on fire! And, once you find your fire, it is nearly impossible to extinguish the flame. I am so excited for this new opportunity with Blue Door Consulting and look forward to whatever life is going to throw at me next.

Emily Reise Portrait
Three Adjectives Describing Me

Ambitious, Adventurous, Passionate

Favorite Adult Beverage

Gin and Tonic with a splash of cranberry

Favorite Brand

Patagonia. I always splurge here. They are sustainable, use their influence to make people aware about environmental and political issues, and are transparent about their business operations.

Bucket List

Hike all 50 states, visit Sweden and Norway, live a crazy and adventurous life in general.

Favorite Holiday

Hands down, July 4th. You just can’t beat the weather, water, barbecue, and fireworks!

Pet Peeve


Occupation in Another Life

Hiking guide out west (could this be a part-time job?)

Behind-the-Scenes Passion

Backpacking, snowshoeing, hammock camping, hiking, fishing (anything that gets me outside)!