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Jack Buechel

Marketing Intern

Jack Buechel Portrait

Arranger, Communication, Significance, Context, Harmony

I have always been passionate about telling stories. This fueled my love for movies and T.V. shows, and also made its way into my chosen career. Even as a very young professional, I am impressed by all the storytelling marketers can do. 

A professor of mine told me, “Marketing is the most powerful thing in the world.” This can create problems or solutions, depending on the morality of its user. It’s important to be an ethical marketer and make sure that you solve problems rather than cause them. This lesson resonated with me -because of the impact marketing has on communication and the world. 

In my interview with Blue Door Consulting, Brenda asked me, “Why Blue Door?” This question caught me off guard as I had not thought about it deeply. After learning more about the company and its culture during the interview process, I knew this was more than just an internship. This is an incredible opportunity, and I will be forever grateful to the Blue Door Consulting team for this experience, and I thank God for giving me this amazing internship. Everything happens for a reason. 

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“I am not throwing away my shot!” — Lin-Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton
Favorite Movie or TV Character

Han Solo 

Favorite Movie

Star Wars Episode lll 

Foodie or Not

If it is spicy, I’m all over it! 

Favorite School Subject


Favorite Video Game

Batman Arkham Asylum 

Favorite Adult Beverage

Moscow Mule in a copper mug 

All-Time Best Song

Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen 

The Next Big Thing

Graduating a semester early from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse December 2021.