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Service Design

Walk in your customers’ shoes with service design

Easy is difficult.

If you’ve ever worked to design a product or service that is elegant, simple and intuitive, you know it is a challenging yet worthwhile endeavor.

Delight customers with well-designed experiences and you’ll be rewarded with high rates of user satisfaction and retention—elements that contribute to increased profitability and market share. [1] Organizations that invest in design have about 50 percent better long-term financial health than organizations that skip design. [2] Elevate how customers experience your brand to elevate your bottom line.

Service design helps you do just that.

Walk in your customers’ shoes with service design
What is service design?

What is service design?

Service design is an improvement method. It’s the creation of the social, physical and emotional context in which people experience your brand. Successful service design improves processes for internal and external users and eliminates inefficiency. It’s a way to drive growth through product and market innovation, and it’s a way to test concepts before releasing them into the wild.

How service design works

Service design brings together diverse collaborators to resolve unmet needs. At service design’s core is the fundamental belief that collaboration yields the best solutions.

In order to facilitate collaboration, service design focuses on listening to understand client needs. That’s because for service design to work, our ears must be open—and our eyes, too. We listen to clients and aid them in listening to the people they serve.

How service design works

Peek inside our service design toolbox

We count on many service design tools to optimize experiences with our client partners. Blue Door Consulting’s offerings include (but are not limited to):

Empathy Mapping

Take a walk in someone else’s shoes. Feel what users feel—their frustrations and their delights—as they interact with your organization.

Persona Development

Identify your customers. Together we codify motivations, character traits and more into memorable personas to be used across your organization as service touchstones.

Journey Mapping

Path the experience through the system. We identify gaps and inconsistencies in user experience and look at them as opportunities.

Process Mapping

Get real about how things get done. If journey mapping is about people, process mapping is about things—where things fall off, how things are accomplished.


Brainstorm solutions. There are zero bad ideas in ideation, because they help us better understand the “why” and “why not?” of our work.


Get objective, yet encouraging, feedback. We provide productive friction to challenge your team, pushing them to shift perspective and dig deep.

Jam Planning and Leadership

Improvise during a “jam session.” We lead you through a day of brainstorms, prototypes, priorities and iterations in your service design project.

Experiential Learning Development

Get hands on. Together we develop ways to run through the service experience, identifying areas for improvement.

Disciplined service design process

We use a simple three-step service design process. And, we execute with discipline.

  1. Listen and learn: Service design starts with a needs assessment. Your Blue Door Consulting partners help you get to the brass tacks of the issue at hand.
  2. Plan: Next, we get into the high-level part of the service design process—concept development. We map journeys for users and processes for tasks. The needs assessment keeps our work on track. After we’ve developed a concept, it’s time for ideation, prototyping and user testing. We take our theories and put them to the test. Our failures and discoveries at this stage shape the final process.
  3. Act: Launch commences when we send our refined process into the world. Here is when we see how well we’ve solved your pain, but we also keep our eyes and ears open for continuous improvement opportunities.

We repeat this simple process again and again, building on successes and applying lessons learned. The result is continuous learning and improvement of products, services and new business lines.

Choosing among service design firms

Choosing among service design firms

What differentiates Blue Door Consulting from other service design firms?

Our extensive digital experience equips us with tools to deep dive into data, find insights in unexpected places. We pair that analytical know-how with a passion for listening. The storytellers among us know few things are more powerful than hearing real people tell real stories.

To hone our service design skills, we’ve participated in international service design brainstorms (aka “jams”) and brought it home by facilitating regional service design initiatives for corporate clients, education and government agencies and non-profit organizations.

The way we see it, the whole world needs more relevant, user-friendly and streamlined experiences. Thoughtful service design is a competitive advantage. Experiences “that just make sense” don’t happen by accident—and the loyalty you’ll earn won’t be an accident, either.

If your organization is looking for a service design firm with which to partner and meet new customer and market challenges, we stand ready to help.

Contact us today for a complimentary, one-hour consultation.

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