Case Study Detail

Boys & Girls Club of Oshkosh


When Oshkosh leaders began examining the issue of poverty, one statistic stood out. One in five socioeconomically disadvantaged high school students did not complete high school in four years. To turn that tide, Blue Door Consulting facilitated a group brainstorming session, and the idea for what would become the Great Futures Mentoring Program was born. Beginning in middle school, students in poverty are connected with a mentor, offered homework help, a safe place after school, college visits and career exploration opportunities.


Research existing programs. Every Blue Door Consulting design thinking process begins with discovery to reveal the best practices and lessons learned from other successful programs in the country.

Facilitate program design. Blue Door Consulting brought together a diverse group of collaborators to map out a program that would tackle the needs of the youth of this community.

Generate support. Blue Door Consulting worked with collaborators to define the backbone organization, identify other program partners and successfully seek out funding partners to ensure a successful program launch.

Measure outcomes. Good data facilitates good decisions. Baseline data was documented and results monitored to determine if the program was producing the expected results, and touchpoints were improved until the expected outcomes were achieved.



  • 97IMPROVED scores that signaled early dropout risk.

  • 86have not had any contact with police since joining Great Futures.

  • 51INCREASED their grade point average from last school year.