Case Study Detail

Fox Valley Pro Basketball


How do you convince a major sports franchise that Oshkosh is uniquely positioned to welcome their new NBA® G-League® team—in under 60 days? 

When Windward Wealth Strategies’ President and CIO Greg Pierce found the Milwaukee Bucks® shopping Wisconsin for a home for its G-League team, he knew he had to act. He formed Fox Valley Pro Basketball, secured a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the team to be in Oshkosh, and then called on Blue Door Consulting to create and launch a quick-turn, multimedia campaign to help set Oshkosh apart.


Develop an integrated strategy.
With only 60 days from launch to submission of the proposal, Blue Door Consulting created one unifying theme – “Bring the Bucks” – that would easily and joyfully tell the story across all media platforms. 

Implement the campaign.
Bring the Bucks creative was launched via social and digital platforms, including a new website and Facebook page. Both sites were heavily promoted using billboards, radio advertising, a video and giveaways and guerilla marketing activities at the Oshkosh Farmers Market.  

Increase support.
The campaign asked fans to pledge season ticket reservations, express interest in team sponsorship or request information on potential investment opportunities. The list-building positioned Oshkosh to take a running start at building a fan, sponsor and investor base once the team made its decision.



  • 896 season TICKETS RESERVED

  • 125 LEADS for sponsors and investors

  • ONE WINNING proposal


(from May 26-June 20, 2016)