Case Study Detail

HHH Tempering Resources


In 2014, HHH Tempering Resources (HHH) approached Blue Door Consulting as its team prepared for company growth. The glass tempering furnace manufacturer and fabrication experts were celebrating the company’s 20th anniversary and preparing to shift its business model for scalability. However, the company lacked the cohesive brand needed to showcase its industry-leading expertise.


Articulate differentiation. The Blue Door Consulting brand discovery process unveiled HHH team strengths and market differentiators.

Strengthen identity. The complete brand redesign built visual identity and messaging based on organizational strengths, industry needs and strategic market position.

Amplify market position. Targeted advertising and public relations efforts with industry publications, along with a website redesign and new collateral, firmly cemented HHH’s industry leadership and expertise.

Brand and Design

A strong brand identity sets an organization apart from its competitors. Through name, logo, marketing material, customer experience and more, an exceptional brand will evoke thoughts, feelings and emotions its customers connect with.

We take a holistic approach to branding that helps you reveal and communicate the brand that’s truly you.

•   We start by listening to learn from those who know your brand best - your customers and employees.

•   Valuable insight from customers and employees is then used to reveal - your differentiation and visual representations of your story

Our goal: To help you craft the look and feel your customers expect—at every touchpoint, with every interaction.

Blue Door Consulting’s vision is “Seize the day. Share the love.” We love our work, we love our clients and we love doing what we do. For us, problems are welcome opportunities for growth and innovation. And nothing quite gets us going like research, idea generation, strategy, implementation and result. That’s why our mission is to listen, learn and lead to help our clients grow.



  • 900INCREASE in sales in 2 years.

  • 475INCREASE in website leads year over year.

  • 95INCREASE in website traffic from organic search in 2016.