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Meet Blue Door Consulting, a results-driven marketing consulting firm

Seize the day. Share the love. That’s the vision we strive to achieve every day. How do we do it? Together, of course.

We don’t believe in achieving alone. Whether you join us as a client or teammate, your success is our success. We work together to evaluate possible routes, develop a roadmap and embark on a journey to drive your company or career forward. We also discuss real-time data and insights along the way to ensure things stay on track. If you’re ready to steer toward success, then buckle up—our marketing consulting firm is ready to reach a greater destination, together.

Who is Blue Door Consulting?


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An original hybrid

We don’t put boundaries on talent. While we think the land of cheese and football is pretty great, we don’t limit our team based on our agency’s location in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Instead, we hire team members across the country and work with full flex. Team members choose when and where to work, with maximum flexibility, so long as client needs are met.

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A growth strategy agency with diverse skills and services

Our team members bring diverse perspectives, helping clients find new solutions to the challenges that limit growth. Traditional and digital marketing campaigns drive demand and customer leads. Recruitment marketing helps drive interest in open positions. And, systems integrations drive data sharing, collaboration and operational efficiencies. Consultants work closely with web and application developers, copywriters and graphic designers to develop and execute high-impact strategies that drive growth.

the entire Blue Door Consulting team standing outside our office building in Oshkosh, WI

A refreshing approach to client success

We value genuine connections with our clients. From day one, we show you our personalities and we want to see yours, too. To fully understand your business and goals, we follow our tried-and-true mission: Listen, learn and lead to help you get results. That means asking questions to understand your organization, learning about customer wants, needs and pain points and leading (alongside you) work that helps you grow.

What sets us apart? Clients tell us it’s the way we do the work—blending the discipline of a scientist, the user-centric focus of design thinking and the agility of a software developer.

Leading with our values

What does that mean for you? Whether you work with us as a teammate or client, you will know what to expect. But spoiler alert: We’re not perfect. If you see us straying from these values, we want you to call us out—after all, feedback is love.

As a growth strategy agency, we value:

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Brutal Honesty

  • Live ethically and tell the truth
  • Be open to constructive criticism
  • Be who you are and become your best
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  • Ask questions, listen and understand
  • Build relationships
  • Learn and share
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  • Work hard
  • Deliver on your promises
  • Do the right thing
  • Own your mistakes
  • Deliver value
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Idea Producing

  • See opportunities
  • Connect the dots
  • Offer ideas
  • Bring a “can-do” attitude

Long-term Approach

  • Take the long-term view
  • Build versus finish
  • Be about “them”
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Taking Care

  • Take care of yourself
  • Be there for your team
  • Be mindful of wellness

Building on our beginning

All it took was a little convincing. It was 2002 when Heidi Strand decided to approach her dear friend, Brenda Haines, with a crazy idea. There was a gap between IT, digital and traditional marketing. Could the two of them create a solution?

The answer became clear. Neither having worked at marketing agencies before, they drew on shared values and founded their ideal culture at Blue Door Consulting. The result: An original hybrid. The company’s first employee worked remotely. (In 2005, that meant driving files across town when they were too large to email.) Today, that digital-first, full-flex culture continues to drive growth for both clients and teammates.

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