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Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

Your story, well told.

No spin, no fluff.

Content marketing is about sharing—sharing your expertise through valuable content for clients and prospects. Share your knowledge, grow your brand.


of B2B and 76% of B2C organizations are using content marketing.
Neil Patel


of B2B and 38% of B2C marketers say their content marketing is effective.
Neil Patel


of people struggle to produce content consistently.

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Effectiveness of Content Marketing

Whether you want to create a content marketing strategy within your organization or reboot a content marketing approach that already includes PR and media relations, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and email marketing, we can help. As a content marketing agency, we turn your business into a destination desirable audiences can’t miss by publishing remarkable, share-worthy content that attracts both buyers and search engines.

Our approach to content marketing strategy

Successful content marketing requires knowledge of buyers and search engines. Our content marketing specialists blend this knowledge with each content marketing piece to ensure elements support and amplify one another. Here’s an example of how we can do that with a single piece of content: 

You publish a blog post, sharing your expert insight. The blog post is picked up by a trade publication. Your prospects see the story and visit your website.

Because the post is optimized with keywords, search engines find it. Search engines start to send more traffic to your website. Well-qualified prospects conducting a search find you.

You email the blog post to clients and prospects. Some share the piece in their own social networks. Their colleagues see the post and visit your website.

This one-to-many philosophy means our content marketing consultants are constantly on the lookout for new ways to amplify your story.

Content marketing ROI

At Blue Door Consulting, we’re passionate learners, staying on top of what’s next in content marketing. Our content marketing consultants share this knowledge with client partners and help them identify activities with the best return on investment (ROI).

In everything we do, we set goals, measure progress and optimize for maximum results. To get the word out about your organization, our content marketing specialists start with a thoughtful content strategy. We have several tools at our disposal to help you with your content.

Email marketing

Email marketing that’s measurable and meaningful helps grow business. Blue Door Consulting treats email marketing as part of a total digital marketing strategy.

PR/Media Relations

From crisis communications to influencing decision-makers, our PR and media relations team helps you get the right story to the right people at the right time.

Social Media

Social media advertising. Social customer service. Social selling. Our social media consultants help you make your social media marketing strategy work.

Search engine marketing

Whether you want to launch a search engine marketing campaign or take your search engine marketing strategy to the next level, our SEM team can help.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization helps prospects find your products and services. As an SEO company, we help you build domain authority to drive qualified leads and sales.

Video Marketing

Did you know 78 percent of people watch online videos every week? See how Blue Door Consulting can help you capture an avid audience through video marketing.

Seize the day. Share the Love.

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There’s an audience waiting for your story. Through a uniquely built content marketing strategy, we help you bring your remarkable brand to eager listeners. At our content marketing agency, we’re all in to help you build a community of raving fans that drive results directly to your bottom line.

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