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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a tried-and-true tactic

Email marketing is not dead—despite what you may have heard. Rather, it can help fill the sales pipeline, boost client retention and reinforce customer service. This tried-and-true, effective digital marketing channel delivers an average return on investment of 4,300 percent. [1] (Yes, really … 4,300 percent.) In fact, a fifth of marketers report email is directly linked to their businesses’ primary revenue source. [2]

The best email marketing is optimized for every screen. About 50 percent of email is opened on a mobile device, but only 56 percent of emails are mobile-friendly. [3] Consider the competitive advantage of an email that adapts to every device when your customer is standing in line at Starbucks® waiting for her macchiatto.

Additionally, it’s critical to establish clear objectives and benchmarks in order to improve open rates, click-throughs and conversions. Any industry or organization can benefit from this channel of delivery provided the content resonates and provides value with its audiences.

Improving your email marketing requires a methodic approach and expertise in testing, copywriting and technical delivery, which is why not every business has the right resources on hand and seeks external help.

Email Marketing - Email marketing is a tried-and-true tactic

Custom-made email marketing

Blue Door Consulting’s email marketing services are diverse and fully customizable, depending on client need and budget. Offerings include (but are not limited to):

Email strategy

We’ll integrate your email marketing with other digital marketing efforts. There’s a world of online possibilities, and email marketing can support SEO, e-commerce, content marketing and more.

Creative direction

Our consultants will work with you from brainstorming through the final draft.

Custom programming

that breaks away from, or enhances, pre-designed templates. HTML and CSS ensure your brand visuals are viewable in an email that’s mobile-friendly and accessible by all inboxes.

Programming integration

Our team ensures that custom or template email designs “speak” to your subscription service to ease maintenance and improve reliability. We are well-versed with a wide variety of email subscription services, including Constant Contact®, MailChimp℠, iContact™ and Campaigner℠ (among others).

Analytics review and testing

We don’t stop after we hit send. Our analytics review and testing helps to discover what works and what doesn’t. Measuring what matters most in order to iterate and improve is integral to any email marketing effort.

Dashboard development

Blue Door Consulting makes it easy to track and report metrics. Customize views for your organization to quickly build insight-rich email reports.

Our methodic email marketing process

Optimizing an email marketing program is methodic and scientific. First, we evaluate existing data, processes and email assets to understand the scope of your email marketing initiatives.

Next, we benchmark against industry email marketing statistics. Context helps us understand competition and what realistic performance looks like.

We follow up with setting goals, developing a strategy and selecting tactics. We establish measureable and achievable objectives to drive continuous improvement.

With our email marketing plan in hand, we work toward launch. We execute our tactics—including graphic design, programming, content development and A/B testing—and hit send.

The final step is measuring our activity. We ask: How did we perform? How does our performance move the needle on our objectives?

It’s through analyzing email results that the process iterates; we obtain greater insight for how to optimize the next message.

Email marketing is not a one-and-done activity. It’s a practice that requires time, resources and maintenance for optimal effect. Fortunately, committing to this flexible marketing strategy will deliver excellent ROI over time and your customers won’t be bored standing in line.

Our methodic email marketing process

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