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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing helps prospective customers find you faster

Imagine a customer walking down the street asking where he or she could buy your products or services. That’s essentially what customers are doing when they type phrases into a search engine.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is one method organizations use to ensure they are visible when customers come looking for them. SEM is paid advertising to increase an organization’s visibility in search engines. And, it works!


of people never scroll past the first page of search results.


of businesses say SEO generates more sales than PPC ads.


of total clicks are on the top five results.
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Search Engine Marketing for Qualified Leads

Search engine results are your new business card. But, because this form of advertising is tied to a user’s search, these aren’t business cards randomly distributed. When prospects type a keyword phrase into a search engine, they’re already searching for services you provide. That means search engine marketing can help bring qualified prospects to your website.

When paired with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – the process of ensuring search engines associate your website content with keyword phrases searchers use – SEM can deliver maximum results.

The many faces of SEM

SEM helps the right people discover your new service areas, your new business lines, your new product lines and more. Search engine marketing can help you enjoy a bigger slice of desirable markets by serving up search results most relevant to your ideal customers.

What’s more, SEM can boost top-of-mind brand awareness and unaided brand awareness by putting your brand in front of prospective customers even when they don’t associate you with a product or service. Whether you’re a new organization with a young online profile or an established business whose customers rely on search, SEM nurtures brand familiarity.

Your search advertising partner

Blue Door Consulting has achieved Google Partner and Microsoft Advertising Partner status. Ask us how we can help you gain more leads through these platforms.

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High-performing SEM services

We customize search engine marketing programs based on unique client needs. Blue Door Consulting’s SEM services include (but are not limited to):

Keyword analysis

Discover which keywords you’re ranking for organically—and which keywords your competitors are ranking for. Together we’ll identify which keywords provide the most traffic and are best matched to the products and services you provide.

Keyword strategy

Determine what success looks like and pick keywords to get you there. Our aim is to plant a flag on the keywords with the greatest opportunity for achieving your unique objectives and determine how SEO and SEM can work together to help you achieve those objectives.

Pay-per-click advertising

Balance the right mix of Google Ads, social media advertising and more. Our practice of PPC is methodic testing and retesting for maximum results.

Analysis and measurement

Check over results to discover what’s working and what’s not. Together we’ll gain insight from analytics to optimize current and future campaigns. We work to drive more than clicks-throughs. We work to drive results.

Scientific SEM process

Our SEM process is downright scientific, starting with setting goals and ending with measurement and reiteration.

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To kick off search engine marketing, Blue Door Consulting conducts a discovery phase to understand campaign goals. Whether it’s raising your profile, getting into a new market or becoming more competitive, we define an ideal future state and get down to business.

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Our next move is keyword research and analysis.

  • Depending on your market position, we may look for opportunities missed by the competition or we may take the competition head on.
  • We examine where we can win in the short term, medium term and long term. From specific to the chunky middle to long-tail keywords, we’ll discover the correct keyword combos.
  • From here, we develop strategy together. Goals take shape and tactics find alignment toward SEM victory.
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When we implement a campaign, we embed a variety of A/B tests so we can learn what works with your prospective customers. There’s no guessing when we practice search engine marketing. It’s all about testing—and retesting—until we find a balance that works for you.

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As SEM picks up for your organization, together we’ll develop targeted campaigns. Meeting these smaller-scale objectives moves the needle on larger digital marketing initiatives.

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In the end, all activity is measured against what we set out to accomplish. We firmly believe that what cannot be measured cannot be managed, so it’s important that we track all our work and leverage success for future efforts. We can develop and customize dashboards that aid you in reporting the success of your efforts.

SEM campaign management

Most important, SEM calls for on-going campaign management to meet organizational goals driven by budget and ROI. Together we’ll evolve any SEM campaign as your business enjoys increased traffic and conversions—and gets ready for its next stage of growth.

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