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Markey DS™ Digital Signage

Markey DS™ Digital Signage

Engage customers with a digital display solution

Today’s customers and employees demand more information than ever before. To engage them, you need eye-catching, easy-to-read digital displays that offer valuable information and insights. Not only that, but you need a digital display solution that doesn’t require a big investment in equipment and that’s easy to use.


Digital display recall rate*


Reduces perceived wait times*


More views than static displays*

*Source: Digital Signage Today

Easy and eye-catching digital signage for businesses

Communicating to your customers or employees is easier than ever with Markey DS™. With pre-made templates and widgets, Markey offers a user-friendly way to quickly update your business signage whenever you need. Just choose which brand colors, images and information you’d like to display, and Markey will present it in a visually appealing way.

Capture attention quickly and easily

You don’t need design or technical expertise to leverage the power of Markey. When you partner with our consultants, we’ll set you up with the platform’s app and compatible TV stick for your digital display. We’ll also show you how to use the simple interface to bring your vision to life.

Other benefits of the digital display solution include:

  • Cost-effective subscription
  • Capabilities for multiple screens
  • Widgets to show day, time or other assets
  • Timely, knowledgable support
  • Proven results backed by testimonials

Explore digital signage for businesses, from restaurants to waiting rooms


Instantly improve the dining experience with digital menu boards that speed up ordering times, reduce wait times and effectively advertise your restaurant’s mouth-watering options.


Clearly communicate critical information at tradeshows, conferences, fundraising galas and more with our digital signage for events. Display event schedules, directions, speakers and other highlights.


Spur conversation and camaraderie with digital office signage, ideal for workspaces, entrances, breakrooms and other areas. Shout out employee birthdays and recognitions, company events and training opportunities.


Keep waiting customers informed with our lobby TV display software. Reach customers in your lobby by advertising additional services, providers or details about your business, or simply show wait times.

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We’ll evaluate existing data and ask questions to understand what you want to achieve with digital signage.

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We follow up with setting goals and planning a strategy. We establish measurable and achievable objectives to drive continuous improvement.

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Copy, design and programming are developed to ensure optimal reach and retention through engaging content.

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With our plan in hand, we work toward launch. We execute our tactics—including graphic design, programming, content development and A/B testing—and hit send.

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The final step is optimizing our activity. We ask: How did we perform? How does our performance move the needle on our objectives? It’s through analyzing results that the process iterates; we obtain greater insight for how to optimize the next message.

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