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A brand identity that reflects you

In a matter of seconds, you can likely name your favorite brands. (You’re doing it now, aren’t you?) Favorite brands are no accident. They’re carefully crafted to set the organizations behind them apart from all others. Exceptional brands do this through their names, logos, marketing collateral, customer experience and more. Best-in-class brands evoke thoughts, feelings and emotions for customers, engaging both the analytical and emotional sides of the brain.

Now, think about your favorite brands again. Do they give you both a logical and emotional reason to love them? Do they clearly communicate what sets them apart? Are they memorable?

That’s how brands win.

Consider this … on average, a brand with meaning, or one that improves its consumers’ well-being or quality of life, gains 46% more share of wallet than the competition and outperforms the stock market by 133%. [1] Plus, those business-to-business (B2B) brands that are seen as strong surpass their weaker counterparts’ earnings by as much as 20%. [2]

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Developing your brand identity

Developing your brand identity

Whether your organization is in need of a new brand identity, seeks to rebrand to better reflect your existing customer experience or is changing and needs to create a new identity, Blue Door Consulting is the brand marketing agency to help you win.

We view each organization we partner with as a unique entity—with distinct characteristics and challenges. And through our discovery process, we uncover these distinctions and incorporate them into a brand identity that resonates with your team, your customers and other important stakeholders. In other words, we provide a brand that truly reflects you. Our goal: Brand for results.

Branding process

We take into consideration how your brand will be perceived, how it will integrate with other marketing channels and how well it can stand the test of time.


From brand strategy to implementation (logo design and brand messaging), brand experience design and brand management—our comprehensive brand discovery process is designed to get at what you, your prospects and your customers think and feel about your brand. And we do this through a process that engages and pulls from the expertise of those who know your brand best—your customers and employees—and then compares that to the positioning of your competitors and your industry.


Through our collaborative process, we brainstorm and conceptualize brand concepts and messages that look and feel like you. We develop mood boards to help create the visual look and feel, create concepts for brand identity and messages and collaborate with your team to refine these concepts to fit your organization. We’ll develop marketing collateral that does more than set you apart from your competitors. It gets you noticed and fuels your growth.


Now this is the fun part! To bring your new brand to life, we can help you plan an internal and external brand launch. Internally, we’ll focus on training to turn your team members into brand ambassadors. We’ll create brand standards and templates that make it easy for your team to adopt the new brand. Externally, we’ll help you introduce your customers and prospects to your brand with online and offline marketing and sales messages that help you stand out.

Branding services

Branding marketing services

Our branding services include:

  • Brand strategy consulting —

    After interviewing your customers and team and researching your competitors and industry, our brand marketing consultants work collaboratively with you to identify and develop your brand strategy. Our goal is to build buy-in for the process and ensure that your brand reflects your customer experience. Together, we’ll develop messages that differentiate you from competitors and evoke emotional responses from your team, prospects and customers.

  • Graphic design branding —

     Your brand’s characteristics are as unique as you. Our graphic design branding team takes those brand characteristics and brings them to life, creating visual concepts. Success is a brand that reflects you AND differentiates you from the competition. From logo concepts to marketing collateral, our graphic designers and brand marketing consultants consider the wide range of applications in which it will be used to develop a brand that will withstand the test of time.
  • Brand training — One of the keys to successful brand launch is brand ambassador training. The purpose of each brand training session is two-fold. First, we want to equip your team with the story of your brand. Second, we want to help them see their role in bringing your brand to life. Doing this helps ensure that as customers and prospects ask questions about your new brand, your team can help you share the story.

Show your new brand some love!

While it may be tempting to see the launch of your new brand as the “end” … we see it as the beginning. You’ve developed your new look and feel, clarified your differentiation points. Now it’s time to determine how you can bring that brand to life at every touch point. That’s where our design thinking team can help. Through customer journey mapping and service design, we can help your team identify opportunities to reinforce your brand at every touchpoint.

Our goal: When your prospects think of their favorite brands, they think of you.

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[2] Forbes

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