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Personal Brand Follow-through

In this post: The importance of living up to your personal brand …

Jaimy Szymanski | BrandingA tweet from Forrester Research’s Jeremiah Owyang this morning got me thinking about personal brand:

@jowyang: Mandate: Social Media Vendors, don’t send press releases alone, instead, walk the talk, don’t tell us you’re social, show us.

If you’re going to announce that you’re an expert in something, live it. Breathe it. Be involved with your communities and live up to follower expecations.

My first best practices example comes from David Meerman Scott (author of New Rules of Marketing & PR and the newly released World Wide Rave – @dmscott). Last month, he annouced in a tweet that he was looking for a person in Antarctica who could help him out with a need for his new book.

My co-worker, Brenda (@brenda_haines), did in fact know someone in Antarctica and replied to Meerman Scott. He was thrilled and engaged in conversation with her which, ultimately, resulted in a connection between him and Brenda’s south-pole friend. In return, Meerman Scott thanked Brenda, mentioned her on his blog and even sent her a pre-release copy of World Wide Rave.

Talk about personal brand follow-through.

The next best practice example comes from Pete Cashmore (CEO and founder of SM blog Mashable – @mashable). Yesterday, he tweeted a request for his Twitter followers to become a Mashable fan on Facebook. My reply was as tongue-in-cheek as always:

@jaimy_marie: I’ll become a fan if Pete Cashmore personally friends me first ๐Ÿ˜‰ RT @mashable … etc.

You can imagine my surprise when not more than 10 minutes later I received a Twitter notifcation that @mashable was now following me. Then, shortly after, I received a personal friend request from Pete Cashmore on Facebook.

I was floored; What another great example of personal brand follow-through in social media. Thereafter, I kept to my word and am now a proud fan of Mashable on Facebook.

No matter your industry, online social media or not, remember to practice what you preach. There no better way to inspire raving fans and cause positive word of mouth referrals. Because, you can bet that this post won’t be the last time I spread the good word about these thought leaders.

out of the blue March 5, 2009

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