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Brand and Design

Brand and Design

Think and feel

A strong brand and design sets an organization apart from its competitors. Through name, logo, marketing material, customer experience and more, an exceptional brand will evoke thoughts, feelings and emotions its customers connect with.

A holistic approach

At Blue Door Consulting, we’re a branding and design agency that takes a holistic approach to help you reveal and communicate a brand and design that’s truly you. We start by listening to learn from those who know your brand best—your customers and employees. We use this valuable insight to reveal your differentiation and visual representations of your brand story and “what makes you … you.”

Our goal: To help you craft the look and feel your customers expect—at every touchpoint, with every interaction. We have several approaches to help you craft what your customers expect.

Brand and design services

Blue Door Consulting’s brand and design services go hand-in-hand. Our designers, brand marketing consultants and developers work closely with you, and with each other, to ensure cohesiveness is achieved at every customer interaction. From the creation of marketing collateral and corporate identity packages; to promotional materials and advertising; to digital design, signage and publications, Blue Door Consulting infuses your brand and your story throughout all aspects of your business.


Great branding differentiates you from competitors and sets the tone for customers. Learn how our collaborative process can help make your brand stand out.

Graphic Design

Blue Door Consulting offers graphic design and creative services that help businesses differentiate themselves with thoughtful, appropriate and emotive design.

Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral speaks volumes about an organization, often before you have the chance to say a word. We create marketing materials that tell your story well.

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